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There are all kinds of dog training methods and tools available. Before you make a decision on which to use for your pet, please have your pet evaluated by a professional dog behaviorist and dog obedience trainer. The wrong method or the wrong tool for the wrong dog is a really bad idea!

The wrong match can create fear or dog aggression. Let's solve dog behavior problems, not cause them! That's why we offer through links on our dog product pages a vast selection of active dog and dog training products, to help you find what you believe to be exactly right for you and your dog.

Of course, that also includes choke collars, British slip leads, clickers, gentle leaders, electronic dog training aids, equipment for personal protection dogs, dog agility training and equipment for training sporting dogs, and just about anything a dog owner could need. Choose wisely.

Cannot find what you need through the banners and links below, or want a Consultation to ascertain what you do need and how to use it? Contact Rena.

Find Specialty & Hands-Free Leashes, extensive Outdoor Gear, Dog Backpacks, Dog Safety Gear, Dog Harnesses, Coats & Boots, Dog Collars, Dog Hunting Gear, Skijoring Gear, some hard-to-find items, some specialty but pricey items, and more for the active pet ...

Visit ForDogTrainer for Dog Training Equipment needs - Dog training equipment for Police, Schutzhund, K9, Sport and Dog Lovers. Everything for the Serious Dog Trainer and Dog Owner alike. Reasonable prices. Outstanding quality and durability.

Dogs not only need and want training, but they absolutely love exercise. For fun and fitness, check out the Dog Agility and Sports Equipment at Dog.com.

Whether you want to train your dog for competition or just have fun outside with the family, your family and dog will love the Dog Agility Equipment from PetStreetMall. Find Tunnels and Chutes, Dog Agility A-Frames, Dog Walks, Dog Agility Tire Jumps, Dog Agility Pause Tables, Dog Agility Weave Poles, Dog Agility Panel Hurdles, Single-Double-Triple Pole Hurdles, Dog Agility See-Saw, and Dog Agility Starter Kit. The exercise that these dog agility courses can provide is essential for a healthy pet.

A seemingly unlikely source for an extensive array of dog product offerings - from Dog Bowls, Accessories, and Food Storage to Dog Training Collars, Electronic Dog Training, Dog Exercise Pens, Dog Beds, Dog Kennels & Crates - Target.com also provides an Insulated Kennel Jacket and a Camouflage Kennel Jacket.

Dog Training Aids from PetSmart.com provides an array of traditional products such as Dog Carriers, Dog Collars & Leashes, Electronic Dog Training aids such as those by Innotek, Citronella Dog Bark Collars, Dog House Training supplies, Dog Agility Equipment and more.

Find additional Dog Training selections at Petco.com


For the best selection of specialized and more general Dog Training Books go to Dogwise.com to find subject areas such as these and more:

Dog Agility and Flyball
Dog Behavior /Body Language
Bait Bags
Competitive Obedience
General Dog Training
Dog Hunting and Retrieving
For the Professional Dog Trainer
Dog Showing and Conformation and Dog Show and Travel Equipment
Dog Training Tools & Equipment
Dog Tracking


In addition to the work of "DogWhisperWoman" - Rena Murray, find books and DVDs by THE DOG WHISPERER, Cesar Millan, through the BestPrices links here, check out Adam's Dog Training Book below, and one of our favorites - "Dr. Dog" - Dr. Dennis Fetko, the internationally-acclaimed "go-to guy" for Police K9 trainers, Veterinary Associations, animal rescue shelters, dog bite legal cases, television shows like "20/20" - and dog owners like you.

Learn from these two New DVD Movies - Fullscreen - from BestPrices:
Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan - The Complete First Season
Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan - Stories from Cesar's Way

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Adam's 316 page Dog Training Book,
Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer,
and his Dog Training membership site
use the Dog Whisper Method
to help you get your dog to listen to you
anywhere you go.

Obedience Training Doesn't Work!


Rena is effective in dog training because she understands and solves the emotional and mental issues with a dog - even the most severe cases such as those you see the "Dog Whisperer," Cesar Millan, handle on TV. So we all shouted "Bravo!" when we heard "Dr. Dog" repeat what Rena has long contended:

"While obedience dog training is great for you and your dog, it will NOT get rid of your dog's behavior problems! You just end up with an obedient dog that still barks, chews, digs, jumps, pulls, soils, etc."

If your dog chews up the couch ... jumps on your guests ... barks excessively ... digs up the yard . .. soils indiscriminately ... pulls on a lead ... or exhibits any number of other annoying and destructive dog behaviors, you will learn here how to eliminate these behaviors without resorting to yelling ... swearing ... hitting ... or jerking (and save yourself a boatload of frustration!) once you learn the secrets of "dog talk" - the "dog whisper."

Discover the quickest, easiest - and even fun - ways to get rid of your dog's problem behavior. You won't use "clickers," squirt your dog with water, or resort to harsh methods to control him when you learn to communicate in his language.

Click Here to learn more about all that Dr. Dog has to offer you and your dog.

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DogProblems.com - Professional Dog Trainer, Adam Katz with other contributors, teaches you how to train your dog to listen to you anywhere you go. Great resources, articles, videos and more to solve a vast array of dog training and dog behavior problems. Check out the membership site and new video training.

WizDog - Indoor Pet Potty - Puppy Potty Training aide

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