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Success Stories of Dog Behavior Modification

Dog Obedience Training Alone Won't Work.

Let Dog Behavior Specialist, Rena Murray
Get Into Your Dog's Head and Heart!

DogWhisperWoman Rena Murray with Dog Rehabilitation Success GatsbyHear what DogWhisperWoman, Rena Murray's, relieved and delighted clients have to say about the highly effective, humane, and lasting dog behavior modification successes Rena achieved with their dogs -- sometimes where excellent dog obedience trainers had failed.

Some of these satisfied Dog Owners just followed Rena's dog behavior instructional material, while others received individualized dog behavior modification direction from Rena by telephone. Yet others brought Rena face-to-face for hands-on dog rehabilitation work with their dogs, especially in the more extreme cases. Not even "Red Zone" cases are too tough for this Dog Behavior Trainer!

So get the help you need from Rena through a Private Consultation for your Dog Behavior Problem, through Rena's free Best Ezines newsletter, Paw Persuasion Pointers, her eBooks, Teleseminars, and Rena's other Dog Whisper and Dog Behavior Training materials.

DISCLAIMER NOTE: Your personal role here is paramount! These success stories are not typical or usual for the general public - but they are representative of those Dog Owners who listened intently, gave honest feedback, and consistently did what I advised. Some Owners have little or no success with these techniques. Why? Because they are not consistent in follow-up and applying them, or they ad lib and adapt a few things here and there that don't work, or the whole household is not involved and treating the dog the exact same way, consistently, according to directions.

So these success stories and testimonies are not a guarantee of the outcome with your dog, only representative of distinct possibilities. Individual results will vary greatly in accordance with your (and your household's) effort, determination, work, consistency, philosophical agreement, and ability to follow directions. Even if I work with your dog in person, the long term effects are still dependent upon what YOU do after I leave!

In Sum: As in any counseling, training, and behavior modification efforts and with everything in life - You get out what you put in!

Remember: Each dog is an individual, and each situation is unique. Blending best of the Dog Whisper with other Dog Training Techniques, Rena gets into your dog's mind with a customized approach to solve your dog behavior problem once and for all.

Just as it worked for these people, won't you do your part to contact Rena and make it work for you and your dog?

"You really have amazing insight into dog behavior problems."

Shi-Tzu Luther Dog Behavior Problem"We were having trouble with our neutered young male Shi-Tzu spraying our daughter's rooms. Rena's insight into his behavior and her suggestions have enabled us to correct his behavior! Thank you, Rena!"

Travis S., Louisiana
with Luther the Shi-Tzu

"You made it possible for us to take our Labrador Retriever out in public again!"

Malcolm Labrador Retriever had Dog Behavior Problem" Thank you so much for taking the time to address Malcolm's dog behavior issues. The advice you gave me was concise and easy to follow. We have practiced the techniques that you taught us, and Malcolm's on leash aggression has definitely subsided. It will be great to be able to take my dog out in public again! Thanks again, Rena!"

with Malcolm the Labrador

"Amazingly fast, she's no longer jumping, licking, and having accidents!"

Boxer Julie's Dog Behavior Problem" Everything has been going great. It is amazing how quickly Julie has responded to your training. We have found that since we started using a firm voice and not yelling, she listens immediately and does not cower. She is no longer jumping up, and she is managing not to lick us all the time. Also, she is not having accidents any more. So we are quite happy with the results. We plan to continue on this road and be consistent with her and all should be good. I really appreciate your help and guidance. They really did help. . . Mulder (the male) is doing great as well. He is finally starting to behave on the leash! Thanks for your help. "

Megan D., Canada
with Julie the Boxer

"Great articles! They are short, to the point, clear, helpful and reinforcing."

Fox Hound Truest had Dog Behavior Problem" Hello Rena,

I really appreciate your articles. They are short, to the point, clear, helpful and reinforcing… I just came in from a nice long walk with Truest. You are absolutely right about bonding through walking together. She is doing very well. No more accidents lately. I keep a log of when I feed her and when she relieves herself. It serves as a great guide and gives me flexibility as long as I can anticipate her needs. Since she has been sleeping with me on the bed she has bonded even more…. she overcame her fear of the clinkety clank noises coming from the radiator when the heat comes up. Now she is totally fine with it. Thanks again for your sound advice."

Linda J., Massachusetts
with Truest the Fox Hound

"No more food aggression and possessiveness of toys with other dogs."

Doberman Cross Artie's Dog Aggression Problem" Artie used to be very possessive over toys and food with other dogs. She isn't any more. Thank you!"

Rebecca G.
With Artemesia the Doberman Cross

"I can now leave without my dog biting legs!"

Jack Russell Terrier Gem had Dog Separation Anxiety Problem" Gem is improving slowly. She no longer bites my legs when I try to leave, and she stays in her basket for ten minutes at a time. We are getting there, and we will keep working on it! Thank you!"

Pat in England
with Gem the Jack Russell Terrier

"Thanks for your clear direction and ingenious prescription. No more mounting, pulling, and other dog behavior problems!"

"Thank you, Rena, for your clear direction. Remington now waits in his kennel until given permission to come out, waits to be invited to eat his food, and has greatly improved his behavior toward my daughter (age 5). He used to mount her regularly, and now rarely tries it. Even when he does, it only takes a simple correction.

Boy the British slip lead sure makes a difference! It has stopped the pulling. By the way, remember how terrified Remington was of the stairs? Thanks to your ingenious prescription, he now runs up the stairs for me!""

Amy R., Pennsylvania
With Remington, 5 month old Labrador Retriever Puppy

"Thunder storm terror with screaming and urinating has greatly improved."

Cocker Spaniel Thomas was a Fearful Dog, terrified of storms" Every time there was a storm (thunder and lightning), Thomas our Cocker Spaniel would run outside screaming so loudly that even my neighbors reached the point of having enough. He urinated everywhere if we brought him inside during a storm. So we were at a loss of what to do. There's only been one thunder storm since you gave the advice, and already there's been an improvement. Thank you!"

Marilyn Boyd, South Africa
with Thomas the Cocker Spaniel

"'Monster Dog' was a holy terror who wouldn't listen, walk with me, ride in the car, stop harassing the cat. . . until Rena. She's such a good dog now!"

"I had a vivacious, energetic, spirited puppy named Mizti - although I at the time I had other ways of describing her - 'monster', 'demon dog', 'fiesty,' LOL. She was a handful, and I was under a lot of pressure to get her to be well adjusted because of the community I lived in, and my fiance at the time had a major problem with her.

Well, Rena really took a hands on approach with me as far away as I was! She showed me what I was doing wrong, and that I needed to 'own' things, and taught me how to get Mizti to behave by just looking at her.

Today Mizti is a little over a year old and is such a good dog. She actually has a 'job' where she plays with other dogs, too. She is people friendly, dog friendly, and even cat friendly now, and travels with me in my car. I don't have to confine her to one room any more, and allow her access to all the rooms in the apartment. She doesn't tear things up or turn over the garbage! . . . I see that she really trusts me as her 'pack leader' now.

Also, I learnt so much from your articles that when I moved recently, I actually went to live in a dog friendly apartment with five other dogs in the yard. I was able to identify the dominant dog - If I didn't understand dogs as I do after your articles, I am sure I would not have thought twice about living there. These are big, intimidating dogs, and the landlord was actually surprised with how well these dogs took to me and Mizti, and said they normally take months to adjust to new tenants. Mizti is a part of their pack now, too.

Thanks again, Rena! You made my life a little less stressful, and allowed me the opportunity to really enjoy having pets in all new way!"

Khandi A., Jamaica
With fiesty pup, Mizti

"Thank you for showing me how to introduce Yogi to the house, so we avoided so many problems from his troubled 'rescue' past."

Rescue dog, Yogi, introduced to house correctly to stop prior dog behavior problems"I had to put my beloved Sebastian down, and the family cat died very shortly after that. I also have a four year old daughter and a son in his teens. You told me what symptoms to look for right away, and how to avoid any future behavior problems. Yogi has turned out to be the perfect family pet! Thanks so much."

Jackie D., Ohio
Yogi, Corgi-Yorkshire Terrier mix, rescue

"Thanks for stopping my Leader Dog from Mounting … You are a fine dog trainer because you take on each person and each dog individually … patient, kind, caring, and no nonsense trainer."

Golden Retriever - Assistance Dog, Copper, had Instinctive Dog Behavior Problem - Dog Mounting Problem" Thank you for the wonderful solution you gave me concerning the problem I was having with my Leader Dog (guide dog), Copper.

Since I got Copper from Leader Dog school about a year and a half ago, when playing he has exhibited some behavior that was downright crude and rude. I corrected him for this as my trainer had instructed, but the problem still persisted…. It really became embarrassing when a small child about his size came to visit and he, in play, began to mount her. Ugg!

When I visited you in Florida, Copper behaved in this manner with me. You showed me what to do…. At first I was concerned that I might pull him down incorrectly, but I was very careful to listen to your directions, which were very thorough, and all was well. The first time I had to do this, I could picture him looking at me and thinking…'Where did she learn how to do that? I guess I'd better listen because she means business!'…

The problem has occurred 2 or 3 times since then, but has been resolved quickly without fuss or muss by following your treatment prescription. He is very ready to give up the idea and submits immediately.

You are a fine dog trainer because you know that every dog and every owner has a different personality, and you accommodate your training to suit dog and master. I would recommend you to anybody I know who needs a patient, kind, caring, and no-nonsense trainer.

Thank you so much for your help!"

Pat T., Chicago
with Copper, a Golden Retriever - Leader Dog (guide dog)

"Our hyperactive dog was so willful and out of control that I couldn't even think of having a relationship with him… I never thought anyone could 'teach an old dog new tricks,' but you were a miracle worker and gave us a new dog!"

Labrador Retriever - Border Collie Cross with multiple Bad Dog Behaviors and Dog Behavior Problems "Thank you for turning around our willful, undiscliplined 'Uppie' (Labrador - Border Collie cross) so my family and he can enjoy his last years. I never thought anyone could 'teach an old dog new tricks,' but you were a miracle worker and gave us a new dog!

Bored from long hours in the yard, Uppie taught himself many bad habits such as breaking porch screens to get out, digging in the yard, dog aggression, breaking out of his kennel, and more. He frequently played 'keep away' even as a mature dog, pulled me mercilessly on leash, and charged madly out any opened door or gate, to be found miles away.

Before starting dog rehabilitation, you told me your candid, detailed 'diagnosis' and the anticipated training techniques you would tailor to Uppie's particular circumstances. Then you kept me well informed throughout the two months you worked with him, discussing both problems and solutions so that we could agree on treatment. There were no surprises.

Your analyses and suggestions were insightful, demonstrating a keen awareness of 'dog psychology' as well as versatility in techniques. It also meant a lot to my family that your touch, while necessarily firm, was obviously quite loving, caring, and supportive in all the right ways. You won the dog's love and respect!

You didn't drop us at the end of the rehabilitation period, either. You spent time explaining the techniques I should use, the reasons why, and careful demonstration. You could not have been clearer nor more patient.Then you took me on a two-mile walk with Uppie to demonstrate everything for me. You stressed the importance of my working with the dog at least a minimal amount of time on a regular basis, both to establish my clear authority as 'pack leader' and to maintain the training, discipline, and respect.

It has worked! Previously, Uppie was so 'hyper' and self-focused that I could not even think of having a relationship with him. Now he is a loving part of the family and a rewarding companion to me. We can actually let him be with us in the house! His behavioral changes have lasted, and he is truly a different dog. We love him and couldn't be happier. We give you the highest recommendation, and cannot thank you enough."

Wade H., Virginia
With Uppie, 10-year-old Labrador-Border Collie cross in 2005

Note: Uppie spent the last two years of his life in the house as a member of the household, after spending all of his earlier years relegated to the yard. It was a win-win blessing for Uppie and the family!

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