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Emergency Pet Health Care

Life-Threatening Pet Health Emergency!
What urgent pet health measures to take?
Fido's life depends upon your knowing this pet health information.

Pet Health Care - It's Your Pet.

Dear Reader,

Are you giving your dog or cat all the available pet health treatment options with Veterinary Secrets Revealed?

This has to be every pet owner's nightmare . . .

You are going for an enjoyable stroll while their dog frolics with his buddies at the dog walk.

Max races to beat Shorty for the ball . . . Max inhales the ball.

He gasps for air . . . while he's struggling to breathe, you run over to him. Then he drops . . .

What would YOU do??


I would think that you are thinking . . . Just reach inside his mouth and remove the ball.


Not So Easy.

First, it's difficult to get your hand deep to the back of the throat, especially in a small dog.

Second, I have seen many balls wedged so far back in the throat, that NOBODY can use their hand to remove them.

The clock is TICKING . . . YOU'VE got to act FAST!

So Now What . . .? What pet health emergency action can you take?


You could pick him up in Your arms, carry him to your car, and rush to the closest Vet... But you need to go FAST. If you don't get there in 2 minutes, then it's TOO LATE!

What would You do with a Choking Person... The Heimlich.

With a Dog? - The Heimlich.

You Hold him upside down, with his head pointing down and his spine against you.

You give repeated sharp thrusts to the abdomen.

You lay him down and sweep the throat again for the ball.

You repeat this until the ball comes out.


I think that every pet owner should know basic CPR.

Read this testimonial - Pet health knowledge in action:

"Dear Dr. Jones,

I have read your book and I am better prepared to handle a pet health emergency with my Dog "Annie". I know how to do CPR on a dog and how to do the Heimlich Maneuver, etc. She is 7 and has arthritis in her left rear leg, probably in the knee. I am going to treat her now with your alternative treatment.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate having this reference book. I recommend it to every pet owner. It's a must have. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your "problem" with the association. Thank you.

Alan Schulz, Northbrook, IL USA"

You can learn the specifics of the Heimlich, PLUS ALL CPR when You purchase Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

So if You haven't yet done so, go here and get started with my Free eBook and eCourse - Healing Your Pet At Home.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Page, Click on the Secure Order Link, and Get Your Copy Now. Get your Pet Health Questions answered and be prepared for whatever emergency challenge springs up.

It's easy to learn Pet CPR - It literally may save Your Pet's Life!

Its Your Pet - Learn how to heal him at home!
Best wishes,

Dr. Andrew Jones

Nelson Veterinary Clinic, Nelson, BC, Canada
Tel: 1-800-396-1534
Fax: 1-250-352-1901

Copyright 2007 Veterinary Secrets Revealed

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