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For outstanding professional dog health care guidance, question-and-answer opportunities, and proposed pet health solutions from traditional veterinary sources to natural pet health and holistic dog health care, visit the dog health links below, the Dog Heath secion of our RESOURCES page, and also the professional dog health information and aids provided through our Dog Health and Nutrition product pages.

Discover the latest pet health research on vaccinosis - pet health problems caused by over-vaccination - and learn what you can do about it by going here: The Vaccine Challenge.


Definitive Pet Health Manual with over 1000 safe, natural, affordable, and effective pet health solutions to help you treat your dog or cat at home.

It doesn't matter what category your pet's problem falls under - dog behavior problems like aggression, ailments like back spasms or arthritis, or illnesses such as cancer. Find clearly illustrated treatments, easy-to-understand descriptions, pictures of each problem, and a detailed index to help you quickly diagnose your sick or injured pet - so you can instantly know if you can administer care yourself or if you should seek medical help immediately.

In this comprehensive, easy-to-read pet health E-Book, Dr. Andrew Jones draws on his years of growing up on a farm and practicing a blend of traditional and holistic veterinary medicine to provide proven, natural alternatives for a variety of pet health situations. Learn practical regimens to halt or prevent diseases and to maintain pet health and vitality.

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Do you know pet CPR and what to do if your pet swallows a household poison? This pet health information could save your pet's life in an emergency! It's not available in bookstores, pet stores, or anywhere else …

Click here to get this invaluable resource - Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Pet Health Care - How to Examine, Diagnose, and Treat Your Pet at Home -
Amazingly simple, step-by-step
Complete Home MultiMedia Course

Dog Health Resources | MultiMedia Pet Home Health Study Course

The definitive source of alternative pet health care options for natural medicines in a variety of medical situations …PLUS all of the bonus material, including: Pet CPR, Cancer Prevention In Your Pet, The Truth About Pet Vaccinations, Healing With Acupressure, Healing With Herbs, Healing With Homeopathy, Healing With Food and Healing With Massage. The Book includes illustrations, a complete index, as well as an updated Resource listing which shows you where to purchase specific remedies for your Dog Health and Cat Health needs… a must-have for every Dog and Cat Owner!

Here are two among the valuable Pet Health Care Bonuses you receive when you order the Pet Health Home Study Course:

For example, you will learn the truth behind pet food - from a Veterinarian (Dr. Andrew Jones) who lost his dog in part due to diet. The best diets to keeping your pet healthy, and how to choose a quality pet food, PLUS personal cat and dog food recommendations. The supplements that work, and which ones you should be using in your pet now! The truth behind Raw Food - Is it good for your pet? Pet food that you can make at home - balanced, simple make-at-home diets for common pet health problems, such as allergies, cancer, diabetes and weight loss. PET FOOD SECRETS is a detailed bonus report, 35 pages long - a $67 VALUE - and it is just part of the bonus material provided to you along with the course, in order to keep your pet healthy, treat your pet at home, respond in an emergency, and know when to get your pet to a veterinarian fast!

Get this invaluable cat and dog health information, not available anywhere else …

The Veterinary Code - Vaccines, Cancer, Food, Supplements
Pet First Aid Special + Free eCourse & Health eBook
Pet Food Recall Report - Seminar Video, PDF, eBook
The Inner Circle - Pet Health Membership Site
Veterinary Secrets Revealed - eBook,MP3,1000+ Home Remedies
Veterinary Secrets Revealed Complete Home Study Course

Inner Circle - Pet Health Membership Site

Want to diagnose your pet health problem? Learn how to heal him at home? Save his life with Pet CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver? Find answers to questions about Dog Health Food and Home Diets, Vaccinations, how to avoid Vet Overcharges, Travelling with Pets, Pet FAQ, Antifreeze Poisoning, Disaster Preparation, making your own Pet First Aid Kit, etc. . . ?

Here are my TOP 6 REASONS you should join the Inner Circle - Membership Site :

• Pet Health Question and Answer Database - Hundreds answered

• Veterinary Secrets Revealed - OnLine Edition of Pet Health Manual

• Download Center - Latest Teleseminar, Newsletters, eBooks, more

• Library - All the Resources available

• Members Forum - Pet News, Cat and Dog Stories, Member Articles, more

• Daily Insiders Newsletter - Pet Stories, Pet First Aid, Pet Food Recall, etc.

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Emergency Pet Health Care - Act Fast!
Do you know what to do in a Pet Health Emergency to save your pet's life? Consider every pet owner's pet health emergency nightmare - Your dog is choking on a ball, gasping for air, struggling to breathe ... the clock is ticking ... you've got to act fast. What to do?

Dog Health Care - When Conventional Pet Health Care Wisdom Backfires
Your dog or cat could be seriously ill, and you are not aware of it until it is too late. Many conventional pet health regimens hide special dangers. Discover what happened to Dr. Jones' "Hoochie," a specimen of health. What three common pet health care mistakes did he make?

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