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Dog Toys & Dog Chews

Dogs NEED Dog Toys and Chews! Don't let anyone kid you. For example, a puppy in a dog crate should have 2 or 3 dog toys with him. Dog Toys are good for many things, not the least of which are puppy teething, to stop dog chewing, and to satisfy dog pack instinctive behaviors of "hunt-and-kill," where your pet "kills" the dog toy and not your favorite chair!

Dog toys and dog chews help avoid boredom and can greatly reduce dog behavior problems. Many dog toys are great for fetch, chase, and other exercises both on land and in the water - adding to fun, bonding with your pet, release of the dog's excess energy, and reduction of obsessive dog behaviors.

There is a plethora of types, colors, textures, sizes, and purposes of Dog Toys. They run the gamut from puppy teething rings and chew toys, to extra large Cool Kong toys, balls and flying discs, cuddly comfort toys and squeaker toys, tug ropes and more. Click on the links below to access a vast array of quality Dog Toys and Dog Chews from trusted pet retailing giants or see Dog Toys.com for Dog Toys by Breed selected especially for your breed of dog. . From the fluffy and squeaky to the indestructible . . . from the tasty or chewy to tug-o-war and ball play . . . You will find it all here!

Many toys are also good training aids. Those made for water even tend to retain scents, as might be needed for training exercises. Also, the bright colors of many toys make them easy to locate and retrieve. Note that some additional, serious training aids are available through our dog TRAINING & EQUIPMENT product page.

CAUTION: For your active dog and outdoor lifestyle, consider the Outward Hound products and other great outdoor wear and dog safety gear available through these links. For water play in the ocean, you would want your dog to wear a dog life vest in addition to your watching out for currents. In snowy terrain, insulated dog jackets, dog backpacks, or dog vests might be called for before you engage in extended outdoor play, hiking, or backpacking.

CAUTION: For hot climates, make certain that your dog has plenty of fresh water to drink. There are water carriers / containers in our DOG SUPPLIES and SAFETY, TRAVEL & AUTO sections and from the retailers below. Swimming and dog water play are great exercise and good for your pet's arthritis, but you must prevent his becoming ill or even dying from drinking salt water or chlorine.

Remember, too, that dogs can get sunburned and suffer heatstroke. So make certain you provide your pet with shade. To augment your outdoor play time, you might want to take a look at the Misty Mate, Inc. personal and pet coolers that lower environmental temperatures up to 20-30 degrees within a matter of minutes.

Finally, while many dog toys are made of soft, durable material which makes them easy and safe for your dog to catch and carry, you still need to examine all your dog toys carefully before leaving them with your pet unattended - especially those your dog will use for chewing and tugging. Beware of the dangers of choking or intestinal obstruction from ingestion of dog toy shreds, and discard those proud relics of your dog's work (but not in a manner to insult your pet's achievement!).

Note that if your dog displays excessive possessiveness or aggression toward his food, toys, or anything, we have solutions. There are also ways to introduce your puppy to these things to prevent such dog behavior problems. See our Dog Behavior Articles and free PAW PERSUASION POINTERS email newsletter to find out how.

Purchase and use Dog Toys and Dog Chews wisely - but USE THEM! Delight your dog, or give your puppy something of his OWN to chew. Your belongings would thank you if they could, and you will love yourself for it!

One of our favorite suppliers of Dog Toys, Dog Chews, and Dog Treats is DogToys.com where you can find the Dog Toys you want by Dog Breed, Dog Toy Brand, Dog Toy size, Dog Toy type, and Dog Treats.

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