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For Better Pet Health and Long Life, it is important to have "a good balance of proper nutrition and supplementation, regular exercise, proper grooming, and regular veterinarian care at all stages of a pet's life..." That's what Dr. Melissa Tschegg, Staff Veterinarian at PNP espouses, and we agree!

Which is why we feature on this page both text and banner links for select, high quality providers of dog health and nutrition products - with a brief overview to help you discover each site's unique advantages.

All products at Pet Nutrition Products (PNP) are Veterinarian Formulated with highest standards. You can also get help with your individual dog health questions from Staff Veterinarian, Dr. Melissa Tschegg of Florida, who provides FREE PET CARE ADVICE. True Pet Lovers, these folks DONATE 5% of every sale to Pet Charities. Good company to do business with! PNP offers SAME DAY SHIPPING and has an "EZ Order" program which will SAVE YOU 10%.

Natural Pet Health Care Solutions at Pet-Helper.com></a>
<a target=Healthy Pet Solutions is a nutraceutical company out of Tucson, Arizona which provides all natural products - herbal supplements - for common and chronic Dog, Cat, and Horse ailments through its website Pet-Helper.com. A leader in several specialty pet health issues, such as Canine Cushing's Disease and Dog and Cat Blood problems, Healthy Pet Solutions offers valuable information on Kidney Damage due to contaminated pet food, and testimonies to the remarkable benefits of its "Kidney Restore II" product.

Here is a definitive Manual with over 1000 safe, natural, affordable, and effective solutions to help you treat your pet at home. It doesn't matter what category your pet health problem falls under - dog behavior problems like dog aggression, ailments like back spasms or arthritis, or illnesses such as cancer. Find clearly illustrated treatments, easy-to-understand descriptions, pictures of each problem, and a detailed index to help you quickly diagnose your sick or injured pet - so you can instantly know if you can administer care yourself or if you should seek medical help immediately.

In this e-book and in DVDs, CDs, and pet health teleseminars, Dr. Andrew Jones draws on his years of growing up on a farm and practicing a blend of traditional and holistic veterinary medicine to provide proven, natural alternatives for a variety of pet health situations. Learn practical regimens to halt or prevent diseases and to maintain pet health and vitality. Do you know pet CPR and what to do if your pet swallows a household poison? This information could save your pet's life in an emergency!

It's not available in bookstores, pet stores, or anywhere else … Get this invaluable pet health information and related dog health books through these links:

Pet First Aid Secrets + Free eCourse & Health eBook
Pet Food Recall Report - Seminar Video, PDF, eBook
The Inner Circle - Pet Health Membership Site
The Veterinary Code - Vaccines, Cancer, Food, Supplements
Veterinary Secrets Revealed - eBook, MP3, 1000+ Home Remedies
Veterinary Secrets Revealed MultiMedia Home Study Course

Check out Only Natural Pet Store - Everything Natural for Dogs & Cats if you prefer a holistic approach to pet health care with ALL-NATURAL, ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY products. Offering All-Natural Flea Control, Premium Dog Food and Chews, Organic Food and Treats, Raw Food and Bones, as well as Natural Vitamins & Supplements, Natural Pet Care Supplies, Holistic Remedies by condition, Herbal Remedies, Grooming and Clean-Up products, this link also lets you browse by subject in its HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE LIBRARY. Want to peruse a Q&A on natural pet health care issues? See the many answers on the "Ask Dr. Siegler" page at this Only Natural Pet Store link, where one visitor question is selected weekly for answer and posting.

Misty Mate, Inc. uses exclusive Micro-Mist Technology for cooling air up to 30 degrees in seconds with some misting products. Providing misters of various types, both fixed position and portable, for anywhere outdoor cooling is needed (patios, decks, gazebos, docks, work areas, pet and animal areas) and for active lifestyles (camping & hiking, biking & jogging, golf & spectator sports) to avoid the danger of heat exhaustion, Misty Mate also has specialized misters for birds and other pets, as well as for your plants and aroma mists for your house. Those of us in Florida especially like the DOG MISTER depicted here and the PORTABLE PET COOLER in the linked image further below.

PetCo's affiliate provides a flexible range of affordable policies to protect your pocketbook as you protect your pet. My friend spent thousands on her sheepdog's surgery and recovery. Could you do that? Also, through you'll find most basics for dog health and dog grooming, as well as premium items such as Organic Dog Biscuits and Premium Dog Food. Enjoy Free Shipping on some products. Special services include the PETCO Pet Supply Shopping Guides , PETCO Customer Product Reviews , Articles about Pet Care and Pet Adoption, Pet Yellow Pages for locating a dog groomer, vet, pet sitter or park in your neighborhood, PETCO New Pet Center , and Petfinder Adoption Center, where you can search almost 200,000 adoptive pets from nearly 10,000 animal shelters & adoption organizations in the USA and Canada.

120x60_PetFoodDirect You can find 52 Premium Brands of Pet Food at PetFoodDirect.com plus Flea & Tick treatments, Dog Toys, Dog Treats, Bones & Chews, Dog Beds & Mats, Cleaning and Deodorizing products, Ear & Eye care, Dog Dental Care, Hair pick-up and Shed Control, Dog Crates & Carriers, Dog Houses, Gates, Incontinence products, and more, as well as products for your cats, birds, fish, and horses, too! Look for FREE SHIPPING and Save up to 70% at the PetFoodDirect Red Tag Store. Specialty areas such as Nature's Variety food products to help prevent onset of allergies and other problems, as well as Dog Weight Management and Senior Dog Care programs can be accessed by clicking here for PetFoodDirect.com.

1-800-PetMeds 1-800-PetMeds positions itself as America's Largest Pet Pharmacy with *GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES* and FREE SHIPPING (on orders over $39) of Pet Medications, Vaccines, Flea & Tick control, and Heartworm Preventives. Did you know that it also supplies Accessories (such as dog beds, dog bowls, leashes, toys, treats) as well as an excellent selection of products for Bone & Joint, Dog Grooming, and most other types of dog health care needs? Featuring both mass market and premium products - such as Nordic Naturals for pure Omega 3 oils and Azmira Dog Food, - this site will help you find medical care for your dog through its 1-800-PetMeds Veterinarian Directory

If you want to shop and compare, you can and have $5 OFF and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25. Although the marketing appears focused on FLEA & TICK preventives, ARTHRITIS PAIN remedies, and such, you can also

Get Petcare Pet Insurance from PETCO!

How to Examine, Diagnose, and Treat Your Pet at Home -
Amazingly simple, step-by-step
Complete Home MultiMedia Course

Dog Health Resources | MultiMedia Pet Home Health Study Course

The definitive source of alternative options for natural medicines in a variety of medical situations …PLUS all of the bonus material, including: Pet CPR, Cancer Prevention In Your Pet, The Truth About Pet Vaccinations, Healing With Acupressure, Healing With Herbs, Homeopathic Pet Health Remedies, Healing With Food and Healing With Massage. The Book includes illustrations and a complete index, as well as an updated Resource listing which shows you where to purchase specific remedies for your Dog Health and Cat Health needs… a must-have for every Dog and Cat Owner!

Among the valuable BONUSES you receive when you order the Complete Pet Health Multi-Media Home Study Course are these two books:

Veterinary Secrets Revealed Multi-Media Pet Health Care Home Study Course eBook Bonus - for Dog Health
Pet Food eBook Bonus - Veterinary Secrets Revealed Multi-Media Pet Health Care Home Study Course - for Dog Health

For example, PET FOOD SECRETS is a detailed bonus report, 35 pages long - a $67 VALUE - Learn the truth behind pet food - from a Veterinarian who lost his dog in part due to diet (i.e., Dr. Andrew Jones). The best diets to keeping your pet healthy, and how to choose a quality pet food, PLUS personal recommendations. The supplements that work, and which ones you should be using in your pet now! The truth behind Raw Food - Is it good for your pet? Food that you can make at home - balanced, simple make-at-home diets for common pet health problems, such as allergies, cancer, diabetes and weight loss. -- and it is just part of the bonus material provided to you along with the course aimed at keeping your pet healthy, showing you how to treat your pet at home for myriad ailments, respond in a pet emergency, and know when to get your pet to a veterinarian fast!

Dog Health - Pet Health Information Banner - Veterinary Secrets Revealed

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