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Contact with Confidence! Please note our Privacy Policy.
We hate spam as much as you do, and we respect your privacy. We will never sell, rent, share, or otherwise abuse your private information, and endeavor to safeguard it. We will not disclose your name without your expressed permission, except as necessary to serve you - as with the confidential storage of email addresses in our private account on the autoresponder service that delivers our Newsletter.

This is a business which, like most, requires some support functionality. I, Rena, have a trusted friend who helps on website technical and administrative matters - as no one can do the web side of the business and all the hands-on dog training, dog behavior modification, and serious dog rehabilitation work plus consulting as a one-man shop. I must focus primarily on your dog-related issues and publishing articles and newsletters to help you. So if you get a response from Paw Persuasion sent by another name or email address, know that it is still this ONE company - PawPersuasion.com - communicating for timeliness and efficiency, with full confidentiality, through my trusted PawPersuasion insider-helper-administrator. I will never disclose your information outside this business!

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To arrange a PRIVATE CONSULTATION - COACHING SESSION with Rena Murray, see the information questions, pricing and procedures on our Consultations with Rena page.

Rena is available for a limited number of telephone consulations, as well as hands-on dog training, dog rehabilitation work, and private coaching. Rena is willing to fly to your location to work with your dog and you on site.

Use the links on the Consultations with Rena page to send Rena Murray a clear description of your dog behavior problems and other background information, plus your contact information: your email address, and (if appropriate) telephone number, as well as your location - i.e., your state (U.S.) or country - and how your time zone compares with Eastern US time. (Rena's in Florida.)

Even long distance - from Germany to Canada, California to Pennsylvania, Texas to Florida - Rena has a track record of satisfied Dog Owners with welcome solutions to previously sticky, sometimes horrendous, dog behavior problems that good "dog trainers" were not able to solve! If it's a psychological or emotional issue at the roots of the dog behavior problem, "dog obedience training" will not work! You need a skilled Dog Behaviorist such as Rena Murray who understands dog body language and the "dog whisper" communication system.

See the CONSULTATIONS page for more information and to contact Rena Murray for consultations, dog behavior modification, dog training work, and coaching.

Submit Testimonials

Have a Testimonial to share? We want to hear from you how our publications and consultations helped you and your dog. Please Send us your Testimonial - and add a picture (jpeg image) if you can! Tell us if we have your permission to publish and use the testimonial and picture, with what name (frequently first name and last initial and dog's name) and your location (e.g., state or country). We love to hear your success stories!

Dog Resources and Link Exchanges

Want to give feedback on your usage of linked sites from our dog RESOURCES page? Want to suggest additional dog links to help our visitors, such as a good dog breeder, rescued dogs or shelter dog information, finding the perfect dog lover gift, pet friendly places to stay, or other helpful dog-related resources?   Or are you interested in an appropriate, dog-related LINK EXCHANGEEmail PawLinks

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Want to submit your own, original DOG STORYEmail PawStories with your MSWord or WordPerfect text attachment consisting of 250 – 1200 words (no HTML, please, and omit MS "smartquotes" if possible).  Be sure to include your real name and any pen name you wish to have associated with your story, as well as your email address and (for our private records and not for re-distribution or publication) your postal address, any website, and other contact information.  Our editors will then review your story for possible inclusion on this site and or within our publications.   You are also invited to submit your photos as JPG images, but there is no guarantee that they will be used even if your story is used.  (For JPG images, we prefer 150 x 150 pixels square or similar size, if feasible.) For our mutual contractual understanding regarding your submission of Dog Stories and or JPG images to us, read the PawStory and PawPicture Contract Guidelines below.

Product Questions

Unless otherwise indicated, any products you purchase through the helpful links on this website are being sold to you by the named selling company through the payment mechanisms they establish, and we are not involved in any way in your order, payment, delivery, or customer service issues. We seek to find reputable companies and good products to meet your needs and wishes and function as a referral "affiliate" - but we can make no representation or warranty as to the merchantability of the products, their suitability for your needs, or other matters related to your purchase decision and the providing company. Accordingly, all product sales and support and purchase transaction questions must be addressed to the providing company.


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PawStory and PawPicture Contract Guidelines:
You agree that your photos / JPG images may be used by us in conjunction with your Dog Story or separately in DropShots, our Scrapbook, or elsewhere in our material on the internet or other media to share with the dog-loving community. By submitting your Dog Story and or JPG image, you agree to permit us to edit it, publish it on this site, and to include it in a future e-book or other published compilation of dog stories or dog articles. You represent and warrant that you are the sole owner or copyright holder of all content / material that you submit to us and are not infringing on any other copyright, trademark, or other proprietary property, and that by your submission you grant to PawPersuasion and Rena Murray an irrevocable, perpetual, fully-paid, worldwide license to use, copy, display, edit, abbreviate, excerpt, and distribute such story, picture, information, and content comprising "Your Submission" and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, Your Submission, and to grant and authorize sub-licenses of the foregoing. You also grant Rena Murray the right to publish your story in whole or part within an article under her chosen pen name, as the sole owner and copyright holder of her article incorporating Your Submission, with IdeaMarketers, EzineArticles, and or other internet publishers so long as she provides attribution to you within the first two paragraphs of her article incorporating your story. (Attribution is not required for the JPG image, as such label at times is difficult to publish.) You understand and agree that PawPersuasion and Rena Murray give no guarantee that your submission will be used by them, and you agree that they incur no financial or other obligation to you by accepting or using Your Submission in any way. See our LEGAL page for more of our contractual understanding.


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