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Want help from DogWhisperWoman, Rena Murray?

Need to Solve a Dog Behavior Problem, Help with Selection and Bringing New Puppy Home, Reading Dog Body Language and Using the Dog Whisper?

To request a Personal Training Session, a private Coaching Session, or a Telephone Consultation for help with your questions about dog rehabilitation, dog training techniques, or dog whispering insights you might need, Email Rena with as explicit information as possible.

Please provide:

• Your name
• Your email address
• Your geographic location and time zone
• Your telephone number
• Your dog's Name

• Historical information about your dog -- How old is he/she, how old was he when you adopted him, from where did you get him, etc.

• Full description of the problem -- What is it, how does it manifest and under what circumstances and how often, etc.

• What happened the first time? -- specifically, what did the dog do the first time, how did you handle it at that moment and right afterward, how did the dog respond, how old was the dog, other factors, and how much has the behavior increased since then?

• What you have done about it since then? -- and what have other family members done about it, what are you doing now, how has the dog reacted each time, etc.

• Information about your dog's environment and exposures - e.g., your home, yard, doggie door and yard freedom or always out on a leash, neighborhood, parks, other pets, other family members and ages, kennel trained, etc.

• You dog's daily exercise -- e.g., how often, when, how far, is it "free time" or focused and disciplined (mental challenge), etc.?

• Any other things you do not like about your dog?

• Everything pertinent to the pet and circumstances that you can think of, and then some ....

Then appropriate, targeted questions can be addressed to you, the problem can be more quickly and more accurately diagnosed, and the nature of the help you need and the actions you must take can be more readily defined.

Although there are definite common denominators, every dog and every situation is unique, and the best approaches and training methods for you and your dog may be quite different from those your neighbor's dog needs. This is definitely NOT a matter of one size fits all!

We want to give you a realistic idea of what to expect, to the greatest extent possible, at the outset. Then we can work constructively as a team to solve the problem as expeditiously yet thoroughly as the circumstances permit -- and in most instances, to deliver to you the loving, obedient pet that you want and deserve!

We have the knowledge, successful experience, skill, and desire to help with your new puppy, fearful dog, destructive dog behavior, or any other dog behavior or dog obedience training issue - even a "level 5 - red zone" dog aggression problem such as you've seen with "The Dog Whisperer" on the National Geographic Channel!

So if you have the willingness, consistency, and determination, in almost every instance your goal IS achievable -- frequently with results visible in very short order!

Get Expert Solutions at Affordable Fees

• Telephone Consultations - $75 per hour. We pay long distance within USA.
• Rehabilitation on your site - travel and expenses plus daily charge depending on difficulty and duration.

So what are you waiting for? CONTACT US!

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