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Dog Collars & Leashes

Dog collars and dog leashes are far more than just a fashion statement or a utility. The right one on the right dog for the right circumstance can make all the difference in dog training and dog behavior, as well as in your dog's comfort, confidence, and pride. The range of choice is extensive. Find serious dog training collars and decorative or fun dog collars and dog leashes through these links.

A great source for Quality Innotek Collars and PetSafe Collars at Low Cost and Free Shipping is PetStreetMall.

College Dog Jerseys and College Collars and Leashes A popular choice for dog collars and leashes among sports fans is College Dog Collars and Leashes.

A seemingly unlikely source for an extensive array of dog product offerings - from Dog Bowls and Accessories to Dog Training Collars and Dog Electronic Training can be found at Target.com .

Lillian Vernon and Montgomery Ward add to the array, as the image links below demonstrate. For colorful or sparkling Decorative Collars for a fluffy indoor pooch, explore our DOG WEAR page, with links to Just4Pooches and others.

You will find a further inventory of high quality dog collars, dog leashes, and dog harnesses through the links below to PetSmart and PetCo, each of which guarantees low prices. For hard-to-find, serious dog training products of the highest quality and durability link below to ForDogTrainer.

Serious Dog Collars & Dog Leashes for Serious Purposes - For Dog Trainer

ForDogTrainer -- Dog training equipment for police, schutzhund, k9, sport, and dog lovers. Reasonable prices. Outstanding quality and durability.

Proper Usage of Dog Collars & Dog Leashes

See Rena's ARTICLES and free PAW PERSUASION POINTERS newsletter for advice on which products should be used with which dog personalities, purposes, and behaviors, and the proper placement and usage of the equipment… or contact Rena for a Consultation or another professional… but purchase wisely.

Here's an example of proper leash usage:
In teaching a dog to heel, it is usually best to position the leash as it would be in a Dog Show – looped higher up on the neck than the regular dog collar. This placement is more effective for guiding and training the dog than hooking the leash to the collar ring. It is gentler and less intimidating than a choke collar, yet it commands dignified posture.

But that is not what all dogs need. This is not a matter of "one size fits all." On this site we present high quality, serious, dog training products, rugged outdoor adventure dog gear, practical everyday dog collars, and decorative house pet products in a variety of materials, colors, and functionality. The user-friendly catalog links here provide easy-to-use, detailed menus and/or search boxes to let you find exactly what you want from sources you can trust. Match your needs and your fancy here!

Want more information first? For the best selection of Books about Dog Collars, Dog Training Equipment, and more by professional dog trainers, go to Dogwise.com or search through the links on our BOOKS & MEDIA page.

Dog Collars & Dog Leashes


Weaver Deerskin Leather Collars and Leashes


Find Great Collars, Leashes, Harnesses and More at PetSmart!
See the Dog Training Aids from PetSmart.com
including Citronella Bark Collars and
Electronic Training Products such as those by Innotek.

Lillian Vernon

040415,040414 collar/leash led dog

Montgomery Ward

Large Harness, 34-37 (for dogs 80-125 lbs.)


Find additional Dog Training selections at Petco.com

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