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Children's Choices

Children and dogs can learn a lot from each other and enjoy a very rewarding relationship if they are raised with mutual respect. You acclimate a young child prior to bringing home a new baby. Likewise, introduce your child to the concept of a new puppy in advance of its joyful homecoming. Your teenager, too.

Children must be made to understand that puppies are NOT toys, but are live creatures that deserve respect and feel pain the same as any person or animal. Babies, puppies, and older dogs alike must be protected from grabbing, pulling, dropping or other abuse by unknowing, careless, or overly eager young ones or rough pre-teens. Otherwise, the unhappy result could be a nasty bite or an injured pup!

Huskie Puppy Stuffed Animal - Dog Lover Gifts Just as you might use dolls to teach a young child about the loving care of an infant, you might want to introduce your child to puppy care with a life-like Stuffed Dog from
Stuffed Ark.com or StuffedAnimals.com™ such as the great selection below (and more where those come from!) - or nurturing with Barbie Pet Doctor or Polly Pocket Pet Boutique from Amazon's Toy Collection.

Your child will enjoy reading pet stories, learning about pet care, and exploring the specific characteristics and needs of your chosen dog breed through age-appropriate dog books and dog movies, which can be easily found at through these quality links and the depicted selections farther down on the page:

* BestPrices.com for DVDs, books, music and more
* B&N Jr. for Books, DVDs, Toys & Games by age, keyword, ISBN, author
* Amazon's Children's Dog Books
* Amazon's Children's Dog DVDs

Shop or Create Your Dog Lover Gifts and Dog Breed Products at CafePress Many children also cherish identity with their pets and delight in dog design clothing -- whether adorable baby clothes and bibs or dog breed t-shirts and sweatshirts from Café Press or other delights available through the links on this site.

Lillian Vernon Dog Gifts Have fun and stimulate your child when you Shop Lilly's Kids for the BEST Kids Room Decor, Toys and Accessories by clicking this link - SEARCH PAGE - where you will find the Dog House Sleeping Bag.

Or let your child sink into the TV Watch Dog Bean Bag below from Montgomery Ward.

DisneyShopping Excite you child with Disney dog creations and movies, with wholesome toys and games from Hearth Song, and lovable dog images on his own furniture from Kids Furniture Mart through the links below.

Children and Dogs have a special relationship to be nurtured - for a happy home and happy parents! Also, show your nieces and nephews that you care about what is really important to them with age-appropriate Dog Gifts and Dog Books. So check out the products and banners below, and don't forget the savings on our SPECIAL & HOLIDAYS page. It's all here!

Stuffed Plush Pug Puppy Dog

Stuffed Plush Chow Dog

Stuffed Plush Moonie Shih Tzu Dog

Stuffed Plush Merlin Maltese Dog

Stuffed Plush Black Scottish Terrier Dog

Stuffed Plush Chihuahua Puppy Dog

Stuffed Plush Li Fang Shih Tzu Dog

Stuffed Plush Tri Corgi Dog

Stuffed Plush Australian Shepard Dog

Stuffed Plush Ogilvy Springer Spaniel Dog

Stuffed Plush Hound Dog

Stuffed Plush Afghan Hound Dog

DisneyShopping is the premier online superstore for Disney products, including great selections of collectibles, home décor, clothing, toys, top-selling Mini Bean Bags, and more. From Mickey to Pooh, Princesses to Buzz Lightyear, you're sure to find your favorite characters. Do a keyword SEARCH for "DOG" and be delighted!


Find an excellent selection and low prices on Children's DVDs, Books, and Games at Best Prices, such as Black Beauty DVD Animated

StuffedAnimals.com is more than a website. It's an incredible place to explore and discover all of the wonderful stuffed animals that live and play here. From stuffed puppies, other stuffed animals and teddy bears, to characters, dolls and puppets, they're all waiting at StuffedAnimals.com to meet you. So come inside and visit them today! You never know what new friends you're going to make!

StuffedAnimals.com™ Gift Cerstufficates™ -
Available in dollar amounts of $10, $25, $50 and $100.

Douglas Sassy Pet Saks™ 10" Wide Margrita Lime Sak w/Papillon Dog

Douglas 9" x 11" Daisy Dog Adventure Pak

Douglas Palm Puppies 6" Lil Nuggets Baron Beagle Dog

Douglas Palm Puppies 6" Lil Nuggets Yoko Yorkie Dog

Douglas Palm Puppies 6" Lil Nuggets Ebony Black Lab Dog

Douglas Palm Puppies 6" Lil Nuggets Babette Bichon Dog

Douglas Palm Puppies 6" Lil Nuggets Ivory Yellow Lab Dog

Douglas 6" Kohair Twizzler Pink Poodle Dog

Douglas Palm Puppies 6" Lil Nuggets Consuela Chihuahua Dog

Douglas Palm Puppies 6" Lil Nuggets Dagmar Daschund Dog

Douglas Palm Puppies 6" Lil Nuggets Muzzles Pug Dog

Douglas Palm Puppies 6" Lil Nuggets Scruffy Shep Terrier Dog

Douglas 14" Floppy Kohair Charles Golden Retriever Dog

Douglas 14" Floppy Kohair Meteor Black Lab Dog

Douglas 14" Floppy Misty Black Poodle Dog

Douglas 14" Floppy Libby Labradoodle Dog

Douglas 9" Kohair Shep Border Collie Dog

Douglas 9" Kohair Jordan German Shepard Dog

Lillian Vernon Dog Gifts

Personalizing gifts for more than 50 years, Lillian Vernon is your source for quality children's toys & decor, holiday decorations, household items, and more - all at exceptional values.

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Toys & Games 120x90

Clifford Bean Bag

UNO Game

Scientific Explorer

See AMAZON.COM for Children's Books and DVD's

Kids Furniture Mart

HearthSong reinforces what parents themselves know is true,
right and healthy -- that childhood is a very special time.
Children need time to be children!

Magnetic Dog Sculpture   HotHead Oven Mitt-Dog

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