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Rena Murray

"DogWhisperWoman" -
The Dog Behavior Training Authority

Since the age of 17, Rena Murray has been a hands-on, Professional Dog Obedience Trainer and Dog Behaviorist solving difficult dog dominance behavior, obsessive dog behavior, dog aggression, unpleasant dog instinctive behavior problems, fearful dog, wild puppy, and other dog behavior modification and dog training needs on Florida's "Nature Coast."

Daring to go where other dog trainers have not succeeded, Rena's bold employment of her knowledge and keen insight into dog behavior has diverted some potential disasters into fulfilling owner-dog relationships. It's easy to see why clients have dubbed her the DogWhisperWoman!

With clear "how to" communication skill, Rena has assisted beleaguered dog owners in successfully solving distressful situations from India to Germany, Oregon to Pennsylvania, Florida to Canada, through email and telephone coaching. If requested, Rena will even fly to an owner's location.

Dog behavior modification and obedience dog training are not new to her. Rena grew up with well-trained Pit Bulls, trained her own rescued Shelter Dog - Beagle Hound to stay in an unfenced yard instead of the proverbial "running," and handled German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, various other Purebreds and Mixed Breeds in her youth. With great passion for the animals, she devoured information on Wild Wolf Packs, various Dog Breeds, and all things dog related. She delved ever more deeply into their dog instinctive behavior, special needs, modes of thinking and Dog Communication.

Daring to be politically incorrect, Rena has for many years blended the best of the Dog Whisper and other methods for greatest effect with each unique situation. Working extensively with dogs of all ages, Rena has even taught some "impossible" Old Dogs "new tricks," so that their last years could be a joy to both family and dog.

From the Aggressive to the Meek, it's hard to find a dog breed or dog behavior problem this Canine Expert hasn't seen!

Whether you are bringing new puppy home, facing issues of children and dogs or cats and dogs, looking for the right dog breed for your circumstances, or making a shelter dog selection, Rena can help with evaluation of your pet prospect and guide you in the proper introduction and integration of the dog into your home.

She has intense, personal experience with this. Rena rehabilitated her own two rescued dogs to good physical and emotional health, and turned her most willful, stubborn puppy into a playful, affectionate, obedient pet. This highly practical and effective dog training and dog behavior professional is a caring dog owner who brings sympathetic understanding with solid advice and proven technique to distraught puppy owners.

With dedication to informing Animal Lovers from across the globe of the truth about their favorite dogs, Rena is writing and publishing no-nonsense articles, blogs, and training materials to tailor techniques to specific dogs and problems, and to share little known dog training tips. She has been accorded the coveted honor of Platinum Expert Author by premier publisher, EzineArticles.com, and her PAW PERSUASION POINTERS newsletter has been recognized by BestEzines.

Whether it's dispelling "age-old" myths or providing insights into how your dog thinks, Rena has put in many long hours of work and research to ensure that you get the most accurate information on all things dog-related.

She is quick to caution: Dogs aren't people, but they definitely share our emotional frailties. Dogs are very sensitive and self-aware of their environment. In order to reach them and train them successfully, you must understand how they relate to you as Master, and the security they seek from a Pack Leader's direction. Rena will help you gain the authority, focus, and control you need as the Leader of the Pack.

Remember: A bad dog is often the reflection of a bad owner . . . but not always! Rena will help you to know the difference, and will tell you what to do about it.

Just about any and every dog can be trained to be a suitable and affectionate pet. Take the time and learn the lessons that will have you in confident command of your dog in no time!

For Private Coaching see directions on Consultations with DogWhisperWoman and be as detailed as possible in the information you provide to Rena in advance. That will enable her to diagnose your dog behavior problem faster and accurately, to save you time and money and get the results you want NOW! With other questions or comments, Contact Us.

Let us know how our information has helped you. Your involvement with us, and your support through use of the merchant links on our Dog Products pages (for dog products or anything at all!), will enable us to assist more dog owners and dogs, and will strengthen the "Paw Persuasion Family" of Dog Lovers and Dog Trainers for the benefit of all. We appreciate you and are here to help!

The Paw Persuasion Purpose? Rena dedicates her career and this dog obedience training - dog behavior modification site to helping you select, understand, communicate with, train, control, and enjoy your dog to the fullest. Our Goal is to help you have a right relationship with a balanced, trustworthy, loving, obedient dog, and peace in your home.

So we encourage you again: If you cannot find answers to your specific puppy training, dog obedience training, and dog behavior questions, or if you need personal help with aggression dog dominance, dog scent marking, dog dominance behavior, unwanted dog instinctive behavior, issues of children and dogs, or any other dog related need or dog products, CONTACT US! That's why we are here.

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